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How Retinoids Reduce Wrinkles?

Retinoid have been confirmed to make the best anti-wrinkle cream as scientific research has shown that retinoid speed cell turnover to smooth wrinkles and form collagen. Retinoid contains vitamin A which cannot be synthesized by the body; therefore it needs to be supplied to the body. Skin aging is influenced by several factors; genetics, hormonal and metabolic process but above all, the environmental exposure to sun rations that lead to alterations of the skin structure, function and appearance are the most responsible for skin aging.

Retinoid work by enabling the growth of new skin cells by stimulating the surface skin cells to turn over and die rapidly in which case new skin cells get formed. As the best anti-wrinkle cream,retinoid hinder the breakdown of collagen and thicken the deeper layer of the skin where wrinkles start. This ensures that there is sufficient amount of collagen to inhibit the occurrence of wrinkles.

Skin cells contain retinoid receptors that support the regulation of certain functions in the body such as cellular growth and differentiation, cell surface alterations, and immune modulation, and they work on a molecular level. With age and constant exposure to sun, the sun tends to get damaged and the functions deteriorate. The best anti-wrinkle cream bearing retinoid works in handy to normalize these functions; they improve the skin texture and reduce dark spots. The most powerful properties of retinoid are on collagen which is the main building blocks of the skin. Retinoid not only reduce the breakdown of collagen from the sun contact but also ignite the formation of new collagen.

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For the best anti-wrinkle cream to work as such, patients should avoid direct sun exposure especially during the morning and early afternoon when the sun’s emissions are most strong. In case of any outdoor activities, wear sunscreen shades; cover exposed skin with shielding clothing such as lengthy pants and long sleeved tops, and a hat. Sun damage is easily treatable with self-protection from the sun and application of the best ant-aging cream.

Retinoid should be used with the prescription of a doctor. For patients who are starting the use retinoid, it’s advisable to start by applying only a pea-sized amount each day as more that that can irritate the skin. It’s recommended that a patient use a retinoid every night until the skin can get used to it, mostly for some weeks. Clean and dry your skin before applying retinoid. Many patients may experience peeling and redness in the skin for the first few weeks of use, but, this does not mean that the skin is weak;retinoid gets inside the skin and eventually leads to the thickening of the skin proving to be the best anti-wrinkle cream. Retinoid gets inside the skin poles and slough the brown spots that cause uneven skin tone by curbing the production of melanin which is the dark pigmentation in the skin.

When using retinoid, patients should avoid skin care products that contain benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, resorcinol, or salicylic acid; this is because the combination of these products can cause serious skin irritations. Other products to avoid are those that contain certain antibiotics as they may make the skin more light sensitive.

Anthony Tornambe · Health

Are natural wrinkle creams better?

In a bid to do away with the wrinkles on the skin, people always look for the best wrinkle cream available. Due to the huge variety of anti wrinkle creams and the diverse range of ingredients used to produce them, it becomes a challenging task to decide on the type of anti wrinkle cream to use. Of course, it is not possible to regain the face you had like 20 years ago, but you can try to turn yourself into something that is close to it. A smile can also very much make you appear younger. Smiling is very healthy to the body. Doctors say that people who laugh very often look younger that people who do not are more likely to live longer and have healthier lives. For starters, a good natural type of anti aging solutions is smiling. This shows that you are happy and not stressed. Stress can cause you to age faster that you expected.

natural anti wrinkle creams

The use of natural anti wrinkle creams is becoming more and more popular in the modern day. This is because; more than 60% of what is applied on your skin is actually absorbed by the skin as opposed to the artificial wrinkle creams. Natural wrinkle creams are now being preferred as the best wrinkle creams available. The artificial wrinkle creams are made with chemicals, which can have some long-term effects on your health. Natural wrinkle creams are actually beneficial to your skin because they add more nutrients to your skin thereby making it even healthier than before. The best natural wrinkle creams can also protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays that destroy your skin over time. It also prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Natural wrinkle creams are preferred because they are easily affordable to many. One does not have to spend a lot of money as compared to the artificial wrinkles creams. Natural wrinkle creams can also be made right at home. Once you buy all the required ingredients, even the best wrinkle creams can easily be made right from the comfort of your homes.

Some ingredients of the best natural wrinkle creams include:

• Vitamin C: this compound occurs naturally in the body. It helps in stimulating the production of collagen whose levels decrease with old age. It also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that appear on the skin due to aging.
• Honey: this is one of the best skin care product available in the house setting. It helps in keeping the skin well hydrated by trapping in moisture and preventing it from escaping. A properly hydrated skin means that the skin is always supplied with necessary ingredients and the toxins that are produced by the body are quickly removed from the body more efficiently and effectively before, they can cause any harm to the skin.
• Egg whites: these are the best when it comes to anti aging techniques. Applying of egg whites under the skin will help in getting rid of the wrinkles under the skin as well as restore the skins elasticity. It is also useful in tightening the skin and making it look younger and smoother.

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